The best way of seeing if it is for you is by trying it. Since it is a new way of working, you have to experience it. You can use the free trial days offered to visit different spaces, talk with members and watch by yourself if you feel that the space and you fit well.

Most of the doubts and questions that arise before you start using a coworking space are solved by themselves once you are there. And if not, it is always easier to suggest them personally and, at the same time, see if there is a good feeling with the other coworkers and the space managers.

Try it on different spaces, but always open yourself to people as if you were to stay. The advantage of coworking is that you can belong to several ones at the same time, and thus, take full advantage of of each other´s networks, and, obviously, add value yourself as a link among them. Someone who sows, usually reaps. And you never know where you can find those people again: Better to already know them.


The first thing to do is a research of spaces around your area or city. With the word “coworking” plus your city name at the internet browser, you will see the list of spaces that call themselves as coworking.

If the research is made directly on Google Maps, there will appear fewer since not all the spaces have been registered, but you can have a better idea of where they are and how to get there. Above all, note the recommendations and comments from other users.Foursquare is a good site for watching pictures done by others, not just by the coworking owners. It will give you an approach about their interests and the environment that is there.

But, for better or worse, it’s up to you to check if they really are coworking spaces or just shared offices with open working spaces. Coworking is not only a physical space: If no person is taking care of connecting and creating opportunities among the members, it is not a coworking space.

Visit their webs and check their blogs and members pages; maybe you even know someone. Analyze the goals and conditions (contract length, prices, hours, plans…) they offer to see which one of them adapts better to your needs. The price is not the most important thing, even if it counts. The most important is to consider which one of them gives you more value by the type of people that work there, the environment, by how your customers will feel when they meet you there.

And, finally, go to work one day that really interest you. As soon as you spend some hours there, you will better appreciate the community characteristics and if the space as a whole is interesting or not. Make sure it is something more than an office with tables and chairs; that someone is actively working to make the coworking work, ask for this person, and introduce yourself.